For more than 20 years, ISO Translation & Publishing (ISO T&P) has offered personalised translation services in over 30 language combinations to our loyal clients.

ISO T&P offers a range of services adapted to the needs of businesses, Belgian institutions, international organisations, NGOs and individuals. These include official and unofficial translations, proofreading, editing, glossary making, website translation, localisation, transcribing and subtitling.

Over the years, ISO T&P has found a niche for itself in the cultural and humanitarian sectors. However, we also have experts specialised in a range of fields, from European business and finance, to law, medicine, pharmaceuticals, technology, the environment and sustainable development, agriculture and food production.

We provide a responsive, client-focussed service that uses cutting-edge computer-aided translation tools (CAT) when the technicalities of a text require it. However, we prefer the more traditional technique of talking to clients when they are looking for a true wordsmith to bring their text to life.

To sum up, our expert service combines quality, talent, professionalism and understanding