of the World

©BOZAR – photo Yannick Sas

Our profession requires specialists in diverse fields.

Capturing an artist’s emotions for an exhibition catalogue or understanding the inner workings of a technical process for project specifications are two very distinctive skills. Different kinds of translation require different expertise, and this specialisation is what defines the 300+ translators that make up our freelance network.

ISO Translation & Publishing is, first and foremost, a team based in Brussels – right in the heart of Europe. We collaborate closely with you and are responsive and in tune to your project’s requirements, guaranteeing excellent quality control.

ISO Translation & Publishing has loyal customers because we understand their needs and we put more than just our knowledge into our translations; we pour our hearts into the translation of their world and that makes all the difference.

«La beauté et la sensibilité d’une traduction réside sans doute dans la capacité à savoir déceler ce qui n’est pas dit.»
Antonella Baldini, Rond Point des Arts